I know something, you know too

I know I should not probably write about this, but you remember that I told you that you should flip a coin in the US Pres elections few months before November and so America did, nobody really won, Trump got elected, Clinton won votes, so when you flipped a coin it fell and it is standing illustrating the current political climate in America.Only the real master can do this, maybe should have flipped a coin in Las Vegas.

just a joke I don’t care who won they were both rich New Yorkers with blonde hair and a daughter that converted to Judaism to marry her Jewish husband, ontop of all that they are friends.

Hillary didn’t lose, America did.

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Perhaps we should have flipped a Canadian coin. I don’t know why but maybe that would have made more cents.

I dunno, to me that sounds like a Looney idea. (they have a coin called a Loonie)

Seriously? I didn’t know that. And really I should know living in Minnesota being so close to our Canadian friends. I’m gonna look into that.

I remember once I was waiting for a truck to get loaded up in northern Minnesota and it got -40 degrees outside, not wind chill.

I think it was dengi

We had about -40°F the other night. I should have plugged my car in cause I sorta reemed on the starter when she wouldn’t fire so that got me a nice repair bill. Oh well how ya learn I guess.

Now you know too, Chelsea Clinton’s Secret Service code name was ‘Energy’, she wrote few years ago in Twitter how her mother becomes the democratic candidate, Bill Clinton proudly talked how his wife would be ‘an excellent President’ when he talked about Vietnam and how the US went to rebuild Vietnam few years ago, the first place to where Bill Clinton went after leaving the presidency in 2001 was a synagogue in Florida … so now you know too.

The entire planet needs enlightened leaders who care about the human race…

What was that sound? Sounded like a gun clicking or something…

So anyway like i was saying the planet needs enlightened leaders who will bring health, peace, higher knowledge, and all of that great ■■■■!

I like Enlightenment too …