I know it's sad, but I really want to


walk up to every single sad person who does not have Sz or Sza (that includes no hallucinations and no cognitive deficits), grab them by the shoulders, shake them vigorously, and say, “your life is Heaven! You are in Heaven! Your days are going to feel so incredible! Stop complaining!”

I don’t mean literally, obviously we are all on Earth which can be a crummy place, but ever since the sz symptoms set in my reaction to every single healthy person’s complaints is, and I’m sure they hate me for it, “at least you don’t have schizophrenia.” I just want to put the headphones on them that Anderson Cooper used in that old Sz simulation piece by CNN and be like, okay now never take them off. Just kidding, you can take them off. Go be happy!

It’s okay though, I can deal with it. I had to say it though, because it’s always on my chest. Not trying to douse anybody’s hope or anything.


Everyone has problems. Not everyone has the same problems nor do they have them at the same time, but they are there. One of the few blessings age grants you is perspective.


To be fair, there are those people that complain about really insignificant problems and I think of this song by Weird Al

But you never know what all they are actually going through.


I’m sure I could find someone worse off who would say something similar to me if I tried, and I knew that when I was posting, but sometimes I just feel like I deserve the right to be fed up with the disease sometimes.

I’m the type of person who isn’t bothered by anything ever because just because. This is the only disorder or disease I’ve ever run into that’s gotten to me (or situation, for that matter).


I tell my mother about how bad my head pain gets

she says nothing to me

then she tells me she feels so bad about my brother’s back pain


as far as sz it’s the 3rd most debilitating disability
even though nobody can see it


My dad’s gf complains all the time. I mean all the time about work and this and that. I’m so tired of it. I want to work but I can’t bc of sza


I know it’s sad but I want to shake the crap out of myself so I will just snap out of this complaining that goes on in my head all day. But I can’t snap out of it no matter how hard I try and it’s pissing me off. It’s like a cloak of negativity.


did you read my jokes,


I know the feeling.


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