I just realized I’m an Introvert

I took two Meyers-Briggs tests and they showed me as an introvert. I think I was in denial. I had started a social group years ago and they all thought I was an extrovert. So, I thought maybe I was an extrovert too.

It makes sense that I’m an introvert. I’m content with just a few friends. Really I’m content just hanging out with my husband.


You can be a social person and still be an introvert. It just means you process your thoughts inwardly and that after interacting with others for a while, you need alone time to recharge.


There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert. I think a lot of people with sz are probably introverted.

I mostly just hang out with my brother or mom.

Take care.

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Thanks Monte! 1515151515

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Thanks @ZmaGal.

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You realized it all by yourself!



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Thanks @velociraptor.

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