I just have this nagging feeling I should be doing something

It’s like an itch I can’t scratch. I just feel like I should be doing “something”. When I try to figure out what I come up with nothing. It’s been driving me bananas all day.

There’s no excuse for boredom…

It just means you’re putting off being brilliant!

(maybe someday I’ll become famous and get quoted)

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It just means you’re putting off being brilliant!

Thanks, that cheered me up, and strangely may have motivated me!

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yeh i feel as if i should be doing something.

maybe it’s all the programming from society tv movies etc

meanwhile, i’m only watching the wheels go by and sleeping.

I think that’s it, until @patrick said what he said, I think I’d become a bit obsessed with copying other people’s paths (if that makes any sense). Kind of lost myself in the noise of society.

i guess we should all be trying to be the 2.4 family

wife children

making money , being popular with friends

consuming the crap we are sold on tv

being afraid of the crap on the news

pardon me, if i don’t participate

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I think you should clean my house


hell i can’t even paint my room

I always feel like I should be doing something. Maybe it’s because I lost 15 years off my life. The pressure in my area is intense. If I had the money I would pick up and go live in a cabin somewhere away from the rat race

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