I just got locked out of Facebook

it’s telling me

Windows can’t find the host name “www.facebook.com” using DNS

I still have the internet.

wonder if anyone else is getting this, or just me.
it’s interesting timing right after what I’ve been posting this morning.

I think Facebook might be down for everyone


really? I’ve never seen this happen.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are down at the moment. A Bit of googling tells me the Server Farm has had a cock up.

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I noticed my Facebook doesn’t work either

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okay, thank you.

it was just getting interesting too.

a person on my friends list gave a laugh emoji
over some pretty serious details I gave.

I didn’t get angry about it, just asked her
would this be funny?

It’s down globally.

There is already a thread about this here.


Google “Down Detector” - i use it when the mobile signals being an arse lol.

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I still wonder about the timing though,
trying not to be too paranoid.


Nah - give it a couple of hours and they will probably pop up again.

They will fix it fast - cos they are probably losing thousands in advertising revenue lol :smiley:


My Whatsapp is not working either.

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