I just got a new drum rack

The drum rack is the pole that the drums attach to.


I used to have drums.

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That’s cool. It’s good that you got yourself something that you wanted.

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Looks like a good setup. Good to have something in your life you enjoy.

Congrats @Jake!
Looks very cool!

Nice what music style do you play like metal, rock jazz funk.

Thanks rogueone, Thanks Wave, and Thanks Dude1…I play funk sometimes, pop, rock, and modern rock sometimes. I like to play along to the Dave Mathews band, their drummer is my favorite drummer. His name is Carter Beauford. I don’t know what you call the style of the Dave Mathews band. I think they are ok, but again I like Carter Beauford.

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“Insert Pamela Anderson joke.”


I saw a concert on tv and Carter was chewing gum and blowing bubbles all the time while he was playing.

Yeah, he does that sometimes.

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Drums Never Fascinated Me in My Youthful Past.

Although, Long, Long Ago. As I Was Listening to The Deftones, The Drummer From That Sincerely Amazing Group, Caught My Attention.

And I Never Looked Back.

:snake: :sleeping: :snake:

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