I heard that dave

Episode two of new dave chappelle.

I heard the gambling joke.

I asked “was that it man?” Is that what went down?

I noticed the nervous tick as well you are doing now with the front of your shirt dude, and the overall change in your demeanor and even in your voice.

I know all about those nervous ticks to from my torture dave, did something happen?

That’s all i know, dudes on opera talking about “maybe it’s a little sick”. Dude goes missing for a bit and now he’s back and he just don’t look or act the same.

you know why he left… Chappelle said no to a lot of money… being denied is probably not something the boss has had much experience with … there is no telling how the money reacted to their cash cow saying no… he makes jokes of black mail tapes… wouldn’t surprise me if it was connected… and he may still be in fear … i do enjoy that any tv station would have jumped on this special… but he took it to Netflix… whom i hope will be the death of traditional broadcasting stations…with their 15 mins of commercials for 15 mins of show…

The rhine has spoken, i concur.