I haven't had a good night's sleep in

I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in about two weeks I have a med a appointment in the morning I hope I get good sleep tomorrow night… I hope my nurse gives me something


I hear ya. I’m burnin the candle at both ends myself. We are not alone, we are together (or something - not you and me, us generically).

@ThePlagueDoctor. I can’t even make sense of much right now

I am sorry you are suffering @Twialine do you have a noise machine?

@jukebox. No and nothing has worked I even tried melatonin 5 mg and I was wide awake all night… Gotta go to bed or try to or lay in the dark so Harry settles down a bit

Do you have an idea why you’re not getting good sleep? I think I remember seeing a previous post of yours saying you’re stressed…
Hope you can get it figured out and get some good sleep soon


@Human. I am but ive never been able to sleep on my own… I thought maybe I could and asked my nurse to go off trazadon but now I’m not sleeping at all

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