I haven't changed but people try to paint me as the villan?

Check my criminal record and check yours bro.

Who’s the villian here?

I’m the freaking hero.

I’m the same snot nose kid I was in the 80s the same teen I was in the 90s the same guy I was in the 20s and I help my grandmother in my 30s when my bro stopped taking his meds.

now in the 40s somehow I’m villfied I’m treated like the uvalde shooter after the fact thats how it feels.

when if you look at my 40 years of life nothigns really changed from my side.

This guy was totally disrespectful to me this morning at the store line started talking to the cashier who was old as sin and tried to hit me with his cart just was being an all out ass to me in a stealth way but I felt the vibes then saw his ass in the parking lot had the audacity to act like somehow I was the ass and disrespectful to him like my presence for wanting to buy some whole milk and some drinks ruined his whole life

and I ask you? WHAT? THE ■■■■ BRO!?

I can’t believe you’d bring up that trash, murdering… Just… What the heck, man?