Throwback Lounge Music

Don’t get it backwards please.

Some people are just so backwards it’s freaking ridiculously absurd!!!

And if I ever hear you reference your ex girlfriend again I’m gonna throw up.

You were the one who should have apologized to me for giving me so much trouble over the internet over something that has been established that never even happened in the first place.

Confused vigilantes on drugs harassing disabled people. The only reason I apologized was to make you go away.

People make ■■■■ up on the internet. Surprise! But what you’re doing is completely absurd and detrimental to my mental health and kind of illegal and scary.

And this only proves that I should have just called the cops in the first place instead of going through a year of E-Harssment on my favorite MMOs.

Disrespect to people botting me online and supporting this twisted ■■■■.


I was afraid of people who cursed on World of Warcraft. I hope you aren’t going through the same thing I was. If you do feel bad, it will help to tell a family member and your pdoc.

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