I have social anxiety...what will i do

do I avoid situations or do I open up about having social anxiety. what is the cure

Not sure if there is a “cure” but certain things can help.

Meds wise I got a great response to gabapentin in terms of alleviating social anxiety. Some folk have a hard time with it though - some talk of hypomania.

Not to versed on psychological therapies but I am sure other folk on this site could tell you more about them.

is gabapentin a medication

I go with intuition.

If it doesn’t feel right, I don’t bother.

My only two issues with ‘being out there’ are being taken advantage of
and the ‘mind reading’ thing

But in the big scheme of things the ‘mind reading thing’ is no one’s fault - I just had to adapt a new bizarre thought etiquette while in public.

As for being taken advantage of - that’s were intuition comes in useful. If anything, this new disorder makes us more aware and empathic so we can psycho-analyze people we meet easier now than we could previously.
It’s easier for us to ‘see through’ others and that’s half the battle.


Yeah gabapentin is a med. think it’s trade name is neurontin. Was primarily developed as an anti-convulsant. They then found it was good for nerve pain.

It is fairly new to psychiatric circles but a few folk on this site have found it helpful for anxiety. Don’t think it is addictive like benzos.

I try to make myself go out every weekend to fight my social anxiety.I am taking only antipsychotic and antidepressant and I need them.Go out,find someone to talk to,it can help!Good luck