I have my new computer

The provider’s husband set it up for me and it is very nice. My old one was really dying. That’s what I bought with part of my stimulus check.


A computer is one of my necessary haves in a minimalist lifestyle. I’ve had one my whole adult life and it’s still my go too for entertainment and news. I also keep in touch with a lot of people…

I think you did a wise investment. Enjoy your new kit!


Oh good. That was nice of him. May I ask what you use the computer for /at/chordy? If you are a gomer I find most games that cum out these days are ■■■■

I enjoy Free Cell. Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, news and weather. Most of all,though, is our forum.

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nice to hear you got new computer =D
hopefully you’ll have a lot of fun with it!

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That’s great! I’m glad he set it up for you :slight_smile:


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