I have decided that I will not give up

It has been a hell of a week.

I am back on my sleeping meds the last few days, and it’s going well

Honestly, stress is a major killer, but I can’t let it get the better of me

Appreciate I have been shitposting here somewhat, and thank you for helping me out with talking etc

My probation got passed yesterday, so I am feeling more secure

The flat move is on hold until Spring.

Hopefully by then meds will be more settled, and I can cope with the stress of moving


Yaaaa boiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! That’s more like it.



Mate. I’m glad. You were driving me mad last week with some of your posts. Chin up. Move forward. You can do this and we’ll help you how we can. I think your a pretty good dude and I’ve some taste and track record with such things!

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Good to hear, Joker. We are always here to help if we can.

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Thanks everyone

I know I have been a pain in the ass, so I will try and make up for it!

Hope you accept my apology for being disruptive and posting some questionable stuff

Apparently it was sensory overload?!?!?!? Not sure, but since I got told that was the problem, I felt more able to deal with it


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