I have a good way of checking to see if my voice is real

Ask the voice To put on a certain channel on TV and describe what’s on that channel, then if I turn to that channel it will/won’t be what the voice described


I honestly think your voices are in autopilot. You shouldn’t think about it. It will only upset you.


I try not to over anaylise mine. Somehow it gives them “fuel” and im then ruminating over them for hours. I just try to laugh them off and distract myself. Just today a friend told me to “take care” when i left the bar - but i originally heard it as him calling me a dickhead. I nearly reacted - but when said pardon to him - it was clear my shite brain mis-interpreted again as usual. Its so easy for me to get in trouble with this, by my kicking off, thinking he offended me.

Thank God my Depot jab is due tommorow - i notice it wears off in the last week of the month. I have one week of hell each month when my palioperdone levels have gone down. Maybe i need it increased. :frowning:


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