I hate work

I am so lazy. I absolutely hate work.
lately I started working as a fisherman (my father’s job) because I wanted to fight the negative symptoms but I hate it.
I prefer my couch.
the other day while at work I was so anxious that i started hearing voices for about 10 minutes… I don’t like the lack of motivation but it’s all I know. i am used to it. I don’t enjoy things. I dont care for things. I barely survive…


We live in magnificent times,
all your dreams will come true and much more, especially if you are young.

I am still obsessed with sz even when I am mentally balanced. so I check the sz forums all day.

I am 27. don’t have dreams. I just exist. sometimes it’s blissful. sometimes I hate it.

I am dead inside. doc didn’t know for sure if I have sz or psychosis nos. but the presence of negative symptoms proves it’s probably sz

What meds are you on? They could be causing negative symptoms

invega by the morning & risperidone by night.

Bro invega made me feel like a zombie its probably that

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invega provides energy. doc prescribed it to fight negative symptoms

ur doc is on crack

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ha you think so? gradually we will quit risperidone and I will keep only invega

I will die before i get another invega shot

why mate? what’s the problem?

na man it just didnt work for me.

It was too powerful that injection, unfortunately made my paranoia and delusions worse.

Im glad it works for you though, its amazing how different meds work so differently for each of us

it’s no good? 151617

I am on it for 10 days and I have increased paranoia etc. risperidone was more effective, I think…

no it was not good for me. I on zyprexa now and feel much better, not one side effect except i eat abit more which is nothing compared to my delusions and hallucinations going away

so now no hallucinations and delusions for you?

No they going away just small hallucinations but nothing to worry about

i am happy for you.