I hate making decisions


Is that a part of sza? I stress and feel way over anxious. I just want to hide.


I think it comes from anxiety, which apparently goes hand in hand with depression. How long has this been going on?


Every time I have to phone somewhere I can barely speak I’m so anxious. I’ve been struggling with anxiety most of my life


Man, that sucks. Anxiety is a bi tch. Are you seeing a therapist? Perhaps they can help you overcome some of your anxieties.


I have a mental health worker and a pdoc and a proctor. I think I am not always forthcoming with them as to how much I suffer. I feel enough like a burden.


Yes, I’ve been told many times here that it’s best to be honest with my pdoc and therapist. It’s important as it allows us to get the help that we need. It doesn’t make you a burden. Making sure you’re getting the right care is literally their job.


Not making a decision is a decision too.


An easier decision lol