I hate how pizza is so easy to get!

I can order over the internet and pay by card and it gets here in 25 minutes, I’m now 317ibs because of ordering bad food.

I go shopping every Thursday with my staff and get healthy food but I still order a pizza.

At least you don’t have a gluten allergy. Gluten free pizzas are naff.

Haha we just found out about this place Presto Pizza, a one topping small is 11 bucks. I pay 2 dollars delivery fee 2 dollar tip and I have a 15 dollar meal, all I have to do is type something into a computer and answer the door (preferably in pants). When I have wheels available I do carry-out to save four bucks.

It’s a billion times better than icky pizza hut and dominos. It’s like piping hot restaurant quality stuff… and it’s cheap too!

I have a rule where I limit fast food to three times a week. Sometimes I cheat and do four, but never two days in a row. It’s a pretty slack rule but I look forward to it that much more.


I’ll tell you about mine… lol

3 toppings - nice base - plenty of cheese, £11 with delivery. I only live less then a mile away from the pizza place.

I do think when you’ve eaten all the pizzas from there they are all the same and are not satisfying.

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Meh. Delivery drivers have probably seen lots of crazy ■■■■ worse than this!


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