I had a great friday how about you guys bring on the weekend yea buddy

Had mcdonalds, watch youtube videos, chilled and played videos pretty good day, felt good. Hope you guys had a good day too.


I did actually - I swept the carpets in the bedrooms for first time in months - got fed up with seeing the dirt. Avolition today not so bad. A rare good day.

Watched The Bourne Supremacy tonight with my husband

Tomorrow we got two more movies to watch

Hope to maybe buy some more books at the Flea market on Sunday


i had a good day too. now the football game is going to come on soon. i’ve been waiting all day for this. high school football.


Thats great, lets have a good weekend too good night everyone i heading to sleep, sweet dreams.


A lot of insurance policies for large customers renewing in the next two weeks and I can barely keep up with my workload. Worked late last night. Having supper and working late tonight. Sleeping in tomorrow morning, not bothering with a walk.


I went to orientation on my new/old job. My first day is supposed to be Monday.

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