I guess the writers who do it right

travel all over the U.S.

give readings, and signings, and sell their book.

I’ve just mailed mine out to bookstores.
but it’s not generating any money.

I imagine when I’m gone, someone will discover me.
all my intellectual property goes to my daughter.

I really liked a line in one of your poems. It went, “My sadness turns the moon an exquisite blue”. It wasn’t quite like that, but it was the nearest I can come from memory.

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ohhh, @crimby do you mean,

“This melancholy has a holy design written on the side of the moon. I fall into its deep grooves.”


sometimes I’ve done one-liners.

they’re easier to memorize. ha.

No wait, one smiling profile and one fierce. Sorry.

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thats amazing! 7659785

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@daze: your writing style is unique, to say the least. Sometimes, I kinda get it, I kinda don’t, I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in between. you are a bit of a muse.

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that sounds like something Phil has said.

I’d say, compared to no one, mine are accessible,
but I’m a language poet, so best words, in the best order.

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