I guess it's gonna happen

My in laws are going to go on vacation this upcoming week. Don’t know for sure when or how long. They said they plan on leaving this weekend hopefully Friday evening. I asked that they bring rebel their new dog downstairs and his cage so I dont constantly have to use the stairs to let him in or out.

I have some money saved up so my partner and i are going out to eat saturday. Probably just to a local pizza place where large pizzas are 6 dollars each.


Maybe they’ll like wherever they vacation so much they decide to stay there :slight_smile:


I wish, but I won’t hold my breath. They originally planned to leave Friday and not come back for over a week. My partner works for the week they are gone so I will pretty much be alone.

Large pizza!! Yummy!!

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The pizza place sells ice cream too. I like their vanilla soft serve. If it’s not hot I’m going to ask if we can eat there

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