I guess I'm a typical woman listening to Mix96. it's the only thing that's coming in

Phil, these women, just why, what makes them that way?

aren’t you glad you found me> you could say it more often.

Why don’t you listen to online stations? Tens of thousands available for free.

On the rare occasion that I want to listen to music I just listen to youtube. I have listened to a certain squirrel related station a couple of times when the link was posted :stuck_out_tongue: .

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I did. I have. so what?

I find they are often better than local stations. This is especially true for me. We have one FM country (blech) station in town with a good signal. All of the stations I like are located about 40 km away and their signals are dodgy. I get better than CD quality if I listen to them online instead of via scratchy terrestrial radio signal.

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