I gave my autonomy away to recieve disability benefits now I regret it

  • No control over my money
  • No contol where I live
  • No control who I live with
  • No control over my mediocation.

The group home sucks. Please don’t give your automomy away just to recieve a monthly disability cheque as once its gone you’ll be stuck in a group home. At the day centre a new member of staff was impressed with the big words I use, like it’s unsueal for somebody with intellectal didsabilities to use big words. They talk to me like I’m a child.

Heven forbid if I ever was convicted of a crime I would want to go to prison then a forenic mental hospital. People seem to think mental hospitals are easier than prison but beleive me forenic mental hospitals are worse then prison espcially intellectal disability wards in places like Rampton and Broadmore. Very dangerous places with unstable people who can turn on a dine.

9am til 6pm locked outside your room so you have to associate in the common room with all the unwell people with little staff supervison. Horrible when your acutally not unwell. Walking on egg shells all the time. Worse then prison.


My sister and spouse almost made me sign my rights away with a Conservatorship.

So glad I fought against it.


One person they medicatioed so much he was a zombie. Be become incontient and all they did was provide diapers for him.


I was hospitalised for 2 yrs 4months at one time. I totally understand you. I have a friend who was hospitalised at the same time. Much older. Whose been in the system since a teenager. Hes so unbelievably brave and a genius savant. Ive seen too many people suffer. I hate these people and places. Your so amazing to get through what you are getting through. I think Iq is ■■■■■■■■. Its part of eugenic ■■■■. In my most humble opinion. Your brighter than you think and braver than you probably know or accept. They are brain dead morons most of the staff in those places with their tick box ‘care’. I hope you develop your abilities whilst there and dont let them destroy you. I dont know you personally. But ive seen too many amazing people living in these hospitals. And im sure you are too.