I found I can't trust myself

No wonder I don’t want to be alone. No tellin’ what I’d do. I’m thinkin’ I’m a product of never having been trusted.

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This resonates strongly with something I tohught yesterday…

Noone ever had faith in me… no one ever ackowledged who I was… nor believed in me.

I have a strong knack for some nitty gritty techincal stuff… I mean technology… computers and physical sciences… it’s like my parents didn’t want or couldn’t even handle a kid like that.

If I were any smarter… I might have recognized that early enough to have done something about it. Alas I am content with my life.

30 years old… broke since I’ve moved out aside from a few lucky months… still paid everything in full and on time… living out the american dream or whatever is left of it.

hang in there chordy… I am always pleased to see your self-expressions.


I can only act how I need to when alone.
It’s torturous acting normally xD

people at large will never respect those with higher moralistic codes…

it could easly be a better world… we feel promise… they feel threat… or more specifcally obligation.

We just got out of the wild west… no wonder every man just wants to be king cow boy

I can trust myself, after having been through hell with voices. I need silence in my brain so I can hear myself think without a chorus of critics.

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