I flipped a coin

One way ticket to the moon… :o)

I will move to my hometown in 2 months with a one way ticket.

I will cancel the job tomorrow.

Um…are you sure? :neutral_face:


when I lose a coin toss, I typically say best of three…

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Yeah what Sarad said

Just curious, your hometown isn’t in Canada right? (I think I know where exactly it is but not sure if you’d want me to expose those details)

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across the ocean… miles away…

Here is my plan in full details.

Tomorrow I will cancel the job.
This month I will close all debt and sell belongings I do not need.
I will pay my iPhone and cancel the line so I can take it with me.
I have a freelance career so I will keep doing that with my laptop computer.
I started a new shop for party supplies, so I will work on that to make more money by the time I move.
I will pack my stuff and take a one way ticket by september 20th.
If the plane doesn’t crash and I reach there alive…

I will continue freelancing…
I will open a local bank account with a credit line
I will live with my sister for a month and check to see where I can rent
I will find a full time job
I will check how much Latuda costs over there per month.
I will start a travel blog and exploring the city and foods to try
I will work on weekends as a freelance makeup artist. If people know I am from canada they will pay me a lot of money in ca$h
I will buy a small car and my brother will teach me how to drive in the city.
I will live happily ever after on my own until I meet someone who is worth sharing my life with. If it’s not crazy love, I do not want it. I will not have sex for fun at all and I will stay with family as much as possible.

My hometown is the best place for me to be with a whole lot of people, traffic, noise, good food, beautiful mountains and I can travel anywhere I want. I am crazy if I stay here in this boring life with meaningless sex.

It’s just hard to let go at first but we only regret the chances we don’t take. so I don’t want 5 years from now stuck somewhere I can not be happy.


Does your fiancé know about this or will he just get a note one day when you’re gone?

I don’t want to be a party pooper but…you know your issues come with you wherever you go?


I would sleep that decision Karen. Two nights even. Considering the world order at the moment…Canada is the place to be my dear.


Flipping a coin to decide your life’s fate seems a little irrational to me. I think you should take some time and carefully plan out your future.

If I recall, you didn’t seem all that happy on your last visit to your homeland. You seemed to be itching to get back to Canada.

This could just be your affliction talking, and not the real you. When under pressure, take a deep breath, a step back and don’t do anything rash until you begin to feel more like your old self again.


We discussed everything

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That’s good at least

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Hopefully it all works out.

I used to run away from myself by travelling to Thailand for a couple months. The 2nd time I went there I would sleep in my hotel most of the day for 3 weeks just like I had been doing at home. I thought the change of scenery would bring me out of my negative symptoms.

Actually after a couple big trips I realised I could find the good in doing stuff at home in Canada.
Now I appreciate my life more here and I don’t waste my days as much.

I don’t know if that relates at all though :blush:


I agree with Sarad, you should think it over. At the same time if you think you’d be happier back home, than, go. Idk, want to be supportive of your decision but it seems you made up your mind. Best of luck :slight_smile:

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I hope everything works out for you, bug :beetle: I’m with Sarad, too, but I also know you’ve been dissatisfied for a long time. I hope you find something that makes you happy.

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