I feel (too) attached to my former psychiatrist

I can’t stop thinking about her, not in erotic or romantic way, but like she can save me, and i miss her very much. It’s annoying. Suddenly she said i should not be her psychiatrist anymore, and i felt abandonded, like when my mother when i was six years old left me and sent me to live with my father without my siblings.

She was a good psychiatrist but so is my new psychiatrist. I want to write to her, but i know it would be crossing a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

I guess Freud would see it as a very simple case


Maybe a line was already crossed and you didnt realize it.

Patient / healthcare Provider boundaries are important in healthcare


I don’t think so. I was at a high care unit for patients who needed extra help without hospitalization. You can only be there for a certain period and then you have to go to a low care treatment where you only see a psychiatrist 5 times yearly.

I was very much aware not to show her any affection (but maybe she saw through me, she was very wise on people)

I want to think of something else, but she is on my mind.


Sounds like you’re struggling with some tough emotions. Did she give you any reason?

Yes she said there was nothing more that they (at that organisation) could do anymore, and that was true. Talk therapy never works in my case.

So I can understand why I should go from that organisation to a tablet-pusher (as we call psychiatrists in Denmark).

Anyway - time kills every memory and my new psychiatrist seems ver capable.

I’ve never missed a psychiatrist. I even haven’t met one I genuinely like.


For some time i missed my first psychiatrist.
She was very good but my father insisted
on trying new pdocs. If my current pdoc retires,
I’m gonna try to see her again


I hope that is not the one who gave you those very high doses of meds!

My last pdoc told me when I left him for a new one that I can’t come back. I hurt his ego by dumping him.


No, she didn’t give me crazy doses.
The next psychiatrists gave me these doses.
I was missing her for a long time.
But now I don’t care.
I have found a good psychiatrist.
I will stay with him until his retirement


Yes I can relate. I went through years of talk therapy, and though it was good to have the support, it didn’t work well for me

Yes, I call psychiatrist glorified pill dispensers LOL

I hope you get the help you need

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Lol yeah id tell my pdoc about a med i tihnk would help and she would go “oh sure you can try that, what dose do you want? Ill give you 90 days worth.” LOL . One time she gave me 365 days worth of ritalin to save me on dispensary fees :sweat_smile:

Shes a good pdoc just you need to be careful about suggesting stuff lol

That’s crazy, lol. I’ve never had a psych that open to suggestion myself. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it’s a bad thing I don’t know. It is kind of funny though :laughing:

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Its good and bad lol. I got to try different off label meds i was hoping would help negative symptoms. Unfortunately they didnt help lol.
My gf thought my pdoc was crazy too lol.
Shes very nice though and actually talks to me about my life and sees where i can improve. Like a psychologist/psychiatry approach.

Pretty sure shes going to retire soon though.

If i was an addict she would be a bad choice as it would enable me to abuse stimulants or whatever.

Sounds like you struck gold with that one man. Hang on to her as long as you can. I was just thinking the same thing, if I had an addictive personality, I could see myself abusing the ■■■■ out of it LOL

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Thanks @Cragger - i get sufficient help. I have got the same crush on my GP, and i guess it’s no problem, i don’t stalk them or mail them or anything, just miss them.

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Lol that’s crazy. All of my pdocs , male or female have been nice and reasonable.

@bluebutterfly I guess I have a little crush on my first therapist. She’s a beautiful woman, inside and out. Not that I have ever fantasized about her in “that way”, I just feel a very deep connection with her. Probably one of the most compassionate and decent human beings I’ve ever met in my life

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