I feel so lazy

I just can’t move I feel so lazy I can’t make it into college and if I do it’s hard to concentrate with all the people speaking to me in my ears and it makes me so lazy I’m never in college but I can make it to the gym which just makes me seem like I’m skipping out on college and I have no idea how to solve this

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Yeah i have days when i just can’t motivate myself to do anything except sit around. Other days i get stuff done. It just depends on how the mood hits me.


Shared sentiment, its hard for me to move, it sucks.

I sleep 10-11 hours and still take a nap during the day. I consider myself pretty lazy but still manage to get a few things done. It could be the meds or just the illness. Combined with the character of the person.

When i would have some prospectives im life, something to work towards i wouldn’t be “lazy”. I just do the basics, hygiene, a little exercise and diet. My prospectives are loosing weight and quit smoking but i don’t know what for?

Are you in college I’m confused?

Yeah I am im 17

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