I feel so helpless

I swear getting the hormonal IUD was the worst decision I ever made. I have had it out for over a month now and I am STILL not back to normal hormone wise. My nipples are still funky, and my appetite is still absolutely voracious. I feel so out of control. I literally get hungry every hour and it is torture not to eat. I can have a huge meal that normally would have satiated me for hours and I am hungry again just 1 hour later. I have gained a horrible amount of weight.

My overactive bladder which I thought had become much better is now suddenly terrible again as well, I have to pee usually like twice an hour, a lot of times back to back. It is horribly annoying. I watched the second It movie with my boyfriend in theaters and had to leave for the bathroom 5 TIMES before it was over and then had to go AGAIN after that. Insane!!

My body feels like it is entirely on the fritz. I am so desperate at this point I think Iā€™m going to make an appt with a nutritionist or endocrinologist to find out what is going on with me because I am so, so messed up physically.

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I think seeing a doctor would be best, probably an endocrinologist like you said, and also an OBGYN.

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