I feel mildly paranoid

After smoking weed for a week every day in the evening. I think it helps me with depression btw.

It´s nothing too serious. Maybe I´m just subconsciously scared of having smoked weed and I´m over-sensitive.

Social interactions are weird today aswell. It was weird to order food when I was high, but today I feel like a complete outlier.

Thanks everyone.


Yeah man weed can make you parranoid for sure. I had a bad time last night because of it, not sure if its because Im paranoid of getting caught since its illegal here or what

Did help me with deptression at one point tho. I think smoking every once in awhile with friends is the way to go

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Are you smoking a different strain than before?

To be 100% candid, the only way I can smoke without getting paranoid is if I’m drinking as well.

Not recommending anything, just saying.

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Here (Holland) it´s completely legal and socially accepted.

Years ago before psychosis I was tripping hard in the streets of Amsterdam and no one cared and I felt like at home.

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I´m smoking amnesia mostly, sativa. I think high THC. I´ve tried CBD and it´s not what I´m looking for.

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…Maybe an indica would help take the edge off?

Sativas made my mind race… Yeow, not a good time.


A good indica might be the way to go. I like the head high for creativity but it just gets me so anxious

You eat more tho munchies for sure lol


At age 17, after weed usage,
I got so paranoid in a café,
that I thought everyone was
a policeman. I was about
to scream at strangers.

This was the most paranoid
i have got with weed.
But later i also had paranoia
from weed.

Without weed, I have again paranoia


have gotten. Oops

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