What does weed do for you?

I hope this topic isn’t inappropriate. I just wanted to know does pot help you or make things worse. someone on here told me weed isn’t addictive but I read in an article that it can be addictive to those already predisposed to mental illnesses. My brother is a major pot smoker and when he doesn’t have it he becomes violent. but when he does have it he just sleeps, eats and does some more weed.

It used to be addictive to me, until I went to rehab…then it never was addictive to me again and I can use it in moderation. It makes me slightly uneasy and anxious…paranoid if I’m in the wrong situation. It makes me way more creative than normal. Makes my thoughts flow more intensely. It’s a hallucinogen stimulant and a depressant…all in one.

Pre-schizophrenia, it did the same to me as to your brother: sleep, eat, more weed, repeat. And certainly not a thing more than that. ■■■■■■ up my life more so than schizophrenia did, if it even make sense to consider these two apart.

I should note it used to just relax me…rather than make me feeling uneasy

That may be happening with your bro…the relaxation…otherwise he probably wouldn’t be using it as much as he does.

when he doesn’t have his weed he becomes an ■■■■■■■. I think without it magnifies his bipolar disorder.

It used to help me escape my problem
Everything in the world would seem alright when I was high

I would go talk to a girl…screw that up…then smoke weed and I would be like “wow that was a great display I just put on”

It would make my thoughts positive and more introspective m. Easy to get addicted when that’s the case of it.

I’ve used it recreationally since I was young but because I got sick in August it was the only thing that I found to help me, and I still deal with it today

Weed is addictive. It’s not very physically addictive, but it’s still addictive. It helps me think rationally when I take it but it’s not really worth it. I do it sometimes to have fun, but I’d probably be better off without it.

Weed makes me paranoid, gives me dry mouth, gives me the munchies, and makes me sleep a lot. I never found it to be that pleasant. It makes me think in ways I don’t want to think. I feel a diminishing of my mental faculties when I use it. I can take it or leave it. I’ve seen some guys who crave weed, though. They stay high every minute they can. Their lives almost revolve around weed. Alcohol is my drug of choice. These guys who smoke so much weed are not enamored of alcohol the way I am. Even though I have seen weed do terrible damage, I still don’t believe it is as dangerous as alcohol.


Made me stupid, paranoid and always hungry. :punching herself with hammer:

the truth is EVERYONE is affected differently by drugs…especially psychedelic drugs…and weed is a psychedelic drug

Yes, for me pot alleviates that irritability, the depression, the anxiety and such, too. I am schizo-affective, so i do have that bipolar in me. It neutralized my mood and left me way more pleasant to be around.

I have gone a year without smoking, then I’d go back on, then back off…repeat cycle.

Pot always made me super paranoid and slightly aggressive. I felt uneasy every time I used it.

Pot or Weed is just bad for schizophrenics - it can induce plenty of paranoia and/or psychosis

I’ve only used weed a couple of times in my life. It’s legal here (Netherlands), so most people don’t find it so interesting. I used it long before I got ill and it didn’t do anything, positive or negative, other than make me a bit sleepy. I have used a very little bit of weed once after I got sick, to see whether it would make me better or worse. My mind got somewhat more blank, my feelings got somewhat more blank, I got a little bit panicky for a few moments because the weed made me even more emotionless than the meds and I was scared I’d stay that way forever. And then I calmed down again, it all went away and nothing happened. I don’t like weed, it never really made me paranoid, but I never understood why people like it.

Before i got sick i could smoke every day. Now it just makes me paranoid and delusional.

I would smoke pot if I had it but I can’t get it anymore. Oklahoma is supposed to get medical marijuana put on the 2016 ballot and if we get it I’m going to get another card. It helps with my arthritis in my spine and protruding disc. plus it calms me down.

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It brings me spiritual enlightenment and love sometimes other times it allows me to talk to the spirits who talk through me and bring some peace. Lately I’ve been getting the munchees and sleeping. I tend to love good music when smoking. Nothing bad or perverted. When I’m drinking it’s another story.