I feel like people can hear my thoughts

Hello my name is Luis and I have been suffering with thought broadcasting for 7 months now. It all started when I was back in school and felt like people could hear my thoughts in class. I would hear words that I had been thinking before which increased my paranoia while I walked through the campus. I had to leave school due to my mental condition and returned home. I had a strange occurrence in th bus ride back home as I thought to my self that I might be gay and then a girl on the bus was laughing and talking about the same thing. Some of the things I do to combat thought broadcasting is mindfulness. I try to empty my mind from any thoughts. This especially helps when I’m in crowded places and people talk. When I empty my mind I know people can’t hear my thoughts. Other than that I hear voices telling me to shut up,relax, ■■■■ you, to stop. It’s as if the voices want me to stop thinking. I don’t think people can hear my thoughts just sometimes when I hear voices.
I was wondering if there are any tips to deal with thought broadcasting and how to deal with the voices or to stop them.


Go see ur pdoc as soon as possible. .it could be sz …??? Ur doctor can tell u for sure. …take care buddy…!!!

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I do see my doctor and he put me on invega 12mg but changing it to invega 9mg and olanzapine 5mg


Are u okay now friend…my positive symptoms are zero my anxiety is so much heavy …


I still suffer from thought broadcasting so I use headphones/music whenever I go out. It only happens when I’m in crowds. Unfortunately, the medication can take some time to work so you might have to ride it out a bit longer. You can also use other types of mindfulness/distraction techniques like taking big breaths, counting/looking for 10 objects of a particular colour, etc. Hopefully others on here who suffer from thought broadcasting can give you some more advice.

Take care!


I have had thought broadcasting since last October, and god knows for how much longer before that whilst being oblivious!

My mum said people are too concerned with their own lives and don’t care what I have to think. Which helped me a little bit


You’re psychosis can never convince you it’s really real. That’s why it’s this ongoing back and forth teeter totter…

This is because your psychosis is actually not real.

Instead of wondering if it’s real. Force it to prove itself. Really rationalize things. It takes constant attent but it gets easier whether symptoms in the head continue. It’s how you see and trust the world. Make the actual world prove it to you on an ongoing basis and not with anything like wordplay or people having jerk reactions at times.

You’re schizo or have a psychotic disorder… everything in your head is important and it is overtly attentive to tying anything else important in as a sign of the psychosis being real.

Important things happen outside you… all day every day. It’s because you feel so serious about your thoughts and psychosis that every time they occur they seem to pair up with you.

People do not see your thoughts, but they do see you responding to them or looking at them. Separate that out as part of normal life. People pick up on being looked at pretty easily, creepily so, but that’s the case for everyone.

You gotta navigate the world a bit and learn how to thwart off your own responses to stimulus. Recognize when you are just triggered and keep doing so until the patterns start lining up…

Beyond that. Don’t let misinterpretations or hallucinations even of people’s speech prove anything.

See if your thoughts ever change your relationships or the outcome of any real physical transgression…

Again your psychosis will never be able to prove itself to you… you will just opt to stand convinced to exit the confusion… instead of trying to feel like it’s not real… try and force the world to prove it to you with your thoughts. It ain’t gonna cause it can’t hear them.

Schizophrenia is a powerful force in one’s mind. You really gotta pick your symptoms apart so you can know what to expect.

Also track when your tired or hungry or had too much coffee or anything that leads to alternative states of being… some of them are going to be worse than others. I’m going to guess that fatigue, stress, and high amounts of any mind altering substance are going to be the worse states.

The track for coping with schizophrenia is either long or nearly endless… never stop looking for coping mechanism or conscious strategies for setting your mind back into it’s comfort zone…

If you do have comfort in your life… nurture it and expand it. Your curiosity about psychosis can and will be answered by this forum, but it does take a lot of time. Don’t let your confusion propel you further into the rabbit hole.

There are a lot of us on the forum who have been through this and do see things clearly, even if we gotta think double to keep it that way.

Good luck man. Keep us updated.


I had this experience for three years. It took over my life. I didn’t work because it was such a disabling phenomenon. I’m good now and you can be too. You’ve got to pull yourself out of the belief. I know it is hard and you will be shaky, nervous. You have lost confidence in rationality. You are driven by emotions at the moment and they have clouded your judgement.

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