I feel like no one cares

I’ve begged for help on cafemom.com but no one will even reply… I’m to the point that I feel no one cares or just figures I’ll figure it all out on my own but I can’t and I have no one to turn to for advice really and I know if I lose my daughter before, after, or during delivery it’s going to be all my fault.

What kind of advice do you need?

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medical I guess… Somethings happening and I don’t understand… I just wanna know we are okay…

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Definitely talk to a doctor not strangers on the internet.


I just wanna know if something is normal and I’m not a freak… I’ve felt so alone during all of this… And I’ve been to the hospitals and doctors so many times I’m sick of it…

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Better to be safe than sorry. I’d strongly suggest you talk to a doctor.


Last time you were on here you hadn’t seen a doctor yet,

Did you see one?

No one wants to tell you anything because you should be asking a physician,

Not internet strangers.

If you care about your child and are that worried, you’d see a doctor.

Just go to the hospital,

You’re pregnant so you’ll take priority and get through there pretty quickly.


I’d also like to add,

When I was pregnant,

I called my doctor over every little weird thing,


It was obnoxious going to the doctor chronically,

Getting checked out and told not to worry,

But it gave me peace of mind.

Do what you have to for yourself and your child,

Like going to the doctor.


Please see a doctor @Twialine.

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We care. And if you lose your daughter, God forbid, it won’t be your fault. Really, it won’t.

yes see your doctor reguarly they do ultrasounds to reassure you and recommend prenatal vitamins for both your health and the baby. it is very comforting to see the doctor. bring your list of questions or worries and they will help you.

Go to a doctor for god sake. This site is not for serios issues, is about sharing and trying to help each others but not in a life and death situation.

Go to doctor for every little problems, doesn’t matter how small it is like @anon54386108 did

BTW sorry I’m an not a troll. It weight heavy on my mind for a few hours this label

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@everhopeful @SkinnyMe @Wave @SkinnyMe @finally @anon73425833
thanks everyone I did go to the hospital and everything is fine


It sounds like your hormones are going crazy. You might need support to get through this. Look around and see what is available. Is there a mental hospital anywhere near you? Maybe you could call them up and see what resources they have to help you. Just remember that you can get through this. Life will become more livable in time.

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