My feelings towards this baby. And the guilt

I know its been a rough pregnancy but i feel i have been awful just awful in some of the things ive been feeling and saying.

Things like “i dont want this baby and dont care what happens to it”

Obviously i feel guilt and shame. Its just an innocent little life that didnt ask to be.brought into this world.

I was so excited when i found out i was expecting. And we tried so hard for this baby. I dont know why im feeling this way. I also realise some people struggle to concieve or cant have children and that makes me feel so ungreatful.

Just needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for reading.


My sister just had a baby. And she feels emotionally drained by the toddler and Work.

I think that her opinion is that she has the right to feel the way she does and she kind of sits with emotion and lets it be what it is. If that makes sense.

I’m sure that your love for your unborn child is real, so maybe just meditate on that for the time being, have you chosen a name yet?


Ty. Yes we have a name. Thomas. It was hard to choose a name because of my feelings.


I wish I could give you better advice. It’s good you’ve chosen the name.

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I learned in nursing psychology classes that it’s normal to feel ambivalent about having a baby.


I’m sure you’re not the first person who’s felt this way during a pregnancy. It must be a hormonal rollercoaster for starters.

My friend’s wife was upset and started saying things like “why are we bringing a baby into a horrible world”. She ended up being really happy and raised 3 great kids in the end.

I know you’ll be the same.


Ty i appreciate it 151515151515


I’m probably in no position to comment on what you’re going through, but it sounds to me like it could be hormones.

I’m sure you’ll love your child and make a great mother.

Take care.


You don’t sound ungrateful or anything else.

I was worn out with two small children and would say this is hard now and again. I had snotty neighbors make fun of me or make mean comments a couple of times, but who cares about jerks? Seriously.

Edit: I really wanted these kids too, but man did they wear me out under the age of four….and there were only two.


I think its natural to have these feelings, its a huge change for you and there is also a thing called postnatal depression, don’t be hard on yourself , all you can do is what’s best for you and your baby, it is a lot of responsibility & i wish you all the best.

You will be an excellent Mother i am sure & hopefully your Son will grow up with a good head on his shoulders, all you can do is try your best, keep it together. :heart:


Hormones are hell and a rough pregnancy makes it worse… I can’t give much advice but to keep going… I was in an abusive relationship when I was pregnant and almost killed us both many times, but in the end I didn’t because I figured she deserved a chance to live… I know it seems hard right now and may regret your decision now but pregnancy isn’t forever and in the end you’ll have a bouncing baby boy and you’ll probably be happy again…

When I was pregnant I had a very rough pregnancy as well and I felt it was a mistake many times but at the end I love her and regret giving her up… I know it wasn’t 100% by my choice but I regret losing her all the same… I’d suggest no matter how bad you feel now DO NOT give up your child… you will probably regret it more than any other regret in your life ever

Also if you get postpartum depression remember it will pass

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Ty guys. I appreciate the support. Im sure i will love this baby once its finally in my arms.


@Qwerty I know you will… it’s the best feeling in the world

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We are cyclical beings capable of positive and negative feelings. You can control your negative feelings without having to try to deny them. Just do what you would do for your child and call a time out for a few minutes until some positivisms come to mind again.

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