I Feel Like a Psychopath Sometimes

When I feel threatened, all I need is control. I will do anything to prevent or remove any and all obstacles from being in my path until I feel safe. Can anyone relate?

You have to see a doctor. What’s so complicated with your parents that they’re preventing you from seeing one?

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If I could explain, I wouldn’t simply say “complicated”, would I?

You’re anonymous here, so you could explain and maybe you could get advice on how to handle the situation. It’s difficult to help otherwise.


Is there a way I could have mental help without any letters being sent to my address? I think I could get away with not being sectioned

What makes you think you’ll be forcibly hospitalised ? That sounds like an irrational fear. For what it’s worth, I was forcibly hospitalised and it saved my life.

But if you go to a doctor, and get help, simply tell them not to send any letters to your home.

Good point about the letters. And if you saw me irl, you’d realise why I would get involuntarily sectioned

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You don’t have to explain it here, but hopefully you will find a counselor at school or a nurse you can explain it to? Mental health issues are such a heavy burden to carry that they are best shared.

FWIW, a relative of mine committed suicide day before yesterday. She had problems she didn’t share. I suppose they were ‘complicated’, but we can’t ask her now, can we?

Please get help.


Wow Pix, that really sucks. I’m sorry.

@jcl2797 there was recently another user here whose parents refused to let her see a doctor. Her school was able to set up appointments with a school psychologist during school hours, so her parents couldn’t refuse service.

I am sure your parents care about your well being

Untreated mental illness leads to alcohol and drug addiction, suicide or hospitalization.

Please get help.

The simple fact that you can feel makes you not a psychopath.

I think that comment highly inaccurate.

I see people more like… Resources. They can be valuable but are easily tradable and expendable. I probably have two or three emotions; boredom, motivation and rage. Life has no meaning (fact, not opinion or “feeling”) so I simply try to stay on top and use am evolutionary stand point to try and “create” some meaning.

I had to use Wikipedia to look up what a psychopath is. I know people use the term but I wanted to see what you might be referring to.

From Wikipedia:

“While the term is often employed in common usage along with the related but distinct “crazy”, “insane” and “mentally ill”, there is a distinction between those with psychosis and psychopathy[12]”

I’m no doctor or anything, but the last part about there being a difference between psychosis and psychopathy is important. Most of us here have been psychotic but that doesn’t make us psychopaths - they’re very different words.

Whatever you’re going through do get some help and I hope you get some relief soon.

But what I’m saying is I would, at least to a subclinical extent, describe myself as both “psychopathic” and “psychotic.” I have experienced little to no genuine attachment and I claim to be so logical and rational (others describe me as “cold,” “cruel”, never looking at things from others point of view etc.) yet I have persecutory delusions and of the grandeur. For me it’s a bit more complicated because I seem to be both. But could my “psychopathic” features be a result of my “psychotic” features or am I just both?

Being psychotic doesn’t make you a psychopath. Psychopathy is a personality disorder so you either are or are not a psychopath independent of any delusions and/or psychosis you might be having. I would think if you had it you would be that way all of the time and not just when you’re experiencing psychosis.

But the only person who could really diagnose you with any of these is a psychiatrist. They have undertaken years of study and training to be able to identify these types of illnesses. Neither you or I can diagnose based on what we find on the Internet. If you’re worried the best you can do is seek help.

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rolls eyes I do appreciate the thought but I am well aware that only a professional can diagnose any disorder. That is not why I am here. If I wanted a diagnosis, as you have said I would see my doctor and a psychiatrist. This is a forum. I am simply try to discuss possible mental disorders that I may or may not have and hear any relatable stories etc. Also, I am sure my knowledge of metal disorders is FAR more adept than yours. I am aware that psychosis (hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thougt/behavior etc.) differs from psychopathy (callous-unemotional traits, manipulation, grandiose sense of self, impulsive sensation seeking, lack of remorse etc.) and related disorders, so do not patronise me with your small quotes from wiki pages.

Yes, try to understand what you are afraided of is : “yourself”.

Ahahaha I’m not “afraided” of anything. I am however afraid of loosing control.

Its what I say you think others are as savage as you so you overreact. :smile: