I Feel Like a Psychopath Sometimes

Hmm interesting point

In fact yeah, that’s it. I am afraid because I think others are as twisted as me, therefore I am afraid of my own self.

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Then you would be a sociopath

You better explain than me. :wink:

I’m sure your knowledge is far more adept if you spend your time researching mental illness. I don’t do that because I’m not trying to self-diagnose, just to understand. I have experienced psychosis first hand though, that’s why I am here.

I posted Wikipedia articles because I know you’re only 17. I thought it might help you.

This is a good forum with supportive people. People are kind. It’s a community and very respectful with respect to forum standards. There are forums for psychopaths elsewhere on the Internet if that would be of more help to you on this topic.


This is more commonly referred to as “Impulse destination”. Sz’s are the only ones allowed to cut in front of the line.

There is no such diagnosis as “sociopathy.” NPD or ASPD would be more accurate, if anything.

I think I heard somewhere that true psychopaths are almost impossible to treat. About all you can do with them is show them the inside of a prison and tell them that this is where they will go if they hurt people and break the law. Third world dictators are usually psychopaths, so maybe you can find a country to run.

I can think of one sociopath that we allowed into office as president in the most resent years in the United States.

Very true, but in America we have checks on his behavior that will keep him in line.