I feel a real darkness taking over the world

It seems to be taking over everything, world relations, relationships, the way people treat each other in general.

Idk. Maybe I’m just in some funk. I have been kind of isolating myself a lot lately.

Am I being a pessimist though?

Social Media can contain a lot of ‘snark’. And controversy sells newspapers and websites…etc.

The Internet has also sped up our brains and conditioned us for instant gratification. There’s no patience anymore. You see it in the way people drive their cars…rolling their eyes if they have to wait more than a minute in a line-up…wanting instant/ fast service wherever they go.

Perhaps you are just subliminally tapping into all of that.

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we’ve killed the earth and we know it

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Thank you for the reply @PatrickT.

I’ve noticed what you wrote about the instant gratification.

If I so much strike up conversation or take my time to talk to a clerk, I sometimes hear people moaning and hissing behind me.

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The earth is in terrible shape.

On a positive note, I do find comfort in talking to other schizophrenics.

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sorry was I too negative?

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Not in my opinion @Leaf. No worries, you’re fine. :slight_smile: :v:

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I just really relate. Sometimes I feel a darkness too.

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I’m sorry you also feel this way at times.

I might take my night meds and just lay down for a while. I don’t feel too well.

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I hope you feel better



The world is getting better only.

Think of how much civilization has advanced, The tools, the underground tunnels, the high rise buildings. We are advancing. I am an optimist.

A century ago people could not email each other, today me and you are conversing on the internet and this is only the beginning.

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That’s good you are an optimist @mermaid1.

Thank you for showing me another perspective.

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Unless there is a mass extinction, which might happen at one point, the world is evolving and getting better. It feels slow but surely it’s happening.

I’m sorry you’re struggling so much with this right now.

I think everything has seasons,

Maybe you’re just in a dark season right now and have a brighter season around the corner,

Regardless, it always changes.


It might be your mood putting a dark cloud over everything.


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