I dont want to think about this illness anymore

I want to just take my meds and pretend there is nothing wrong with me…

I want to “move on” in life and be normal.

Am i trying in vain?


this is what i do :slight_smile:

Me too :slight_smile:

me too… 11515q5151515


I love u Om, where have u been?

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I don’t know if you are trying in vain or not, but I know how you feel about wanting to move one. I just want to pick back up where I left off before I got sick and live the rest of my life. I had little signs here and there before I got bad, but I was functioning. Then everything just sort of spiraled out of control, and all I want is to be normal again. Sometimes, I feel like I’m watching someone else act this way and do these things. I just want to scream, “It’s not me!”

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around here. how are you doing?

I know how u feel Heather…

@Om_Sadasiva im up down but i feel more secured in my mind atm. I think my meds are working in a way.

And your side, how are u doing?

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I think my meds are working too. I have no voices atm. negatives are pretty bad as always. but I survive.

Im happy for you.

My negatives aint to bad. Im kind of managing

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