I dont want to sleep

Its not that late jet but i took supplement for sleep will see how it works there is valerian melatonin and some other things … what r u doing ?

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i am about to go to bed now. this is prbably last post for the night.

i cant wait. i did a lot today.

maybe you should try to wear yourself out physically to get better sleep. IMHO i get way to much exercise lately.

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Can’t sleep either

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Same here man, been so active all day i cant shut off my dam brain.


mind stuck in over-drive?

This reminds me of a novelity bottle of fake pills I once saw. The pills were really just candy and it was a spoof label.

The front read “Damitall”

The directions read " take two Damitall in morning and go back to bed"

The indications were something like " bad mood, nagging relatives, lack of sleep, recent divorce, car troubles, financial problems " etc.

Sometimes we just got to say f!!$@ it and shut down for at least 6 - 8 hrs. lol

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