I Don't Understand Anything

What is Freedom?. What is Love?. What is Friendship?. What is Truth?. What is Compassion?. What is Energy?. What is Life?. What is Real?. What is an Illusion?. What is a False, or Real Illusion?. Why Do We Have to Take Medications?. Why Do We Suffer?. Why is There Pain?. Why is There So Much Heartache?. Why Do We Cry?. What is Anguish & Torment?. What is Greed?. Why Must We Use Money to Receive Anything in Thus Earth?. When Did it All Begin?. When Will it All End?. Why Doesn’t Anyone Listen to Anything I Have to Say?. When I Speak, Are My Words Invisible to The Ears?. Why is Music Unable to Be Felt?. Why Are We Even On Earth to Begin With?. Why Aren’t We on Saturn Instead?. What is a Law?. What is a Crime?. What is Honest With Time?. Whatever Happened to The Bright Glow of The Moon?. Why Are Stars Disappearing?. Why Are We Paving Streets?. What About The Horses Instead?. Why isn’t Anyone Outside Anymore?. Why Does it Get So Hot During The Summer?. Why Does it Get So Cold During The Winter?. Why Are The Shields of Ignorance Always in Charge?.

I Don’t Understand Anything.

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You’ll need to break the post down into small bits for someone to answer. That’s a novella you’re asking for.

Even then, those answers can be fairly subjective.

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I Want it Now. I Don’t Understand The Meaning of Patience. I Want it Now.

  • Past~ ‘Gone By in Time And No Longer Existing’.

  • Present~ ‘Existing or Occurring Now’.

  • Future~ ‘The Time or Period of Time Following The Moment of Speaking or Writing; Time Regarded as Still to Come’.

What is The Past?. What is The Present?. What is The Future?. What is a Meaning?. What is Reason?. What is Purpose?. What is Productivity?. What is Now or Never?. Why Do We Blink?. Why Do We Breathe?. Why Do We Have to Eat?. Why Do We Have to Cleanse?. Why Do We Dream?. Why Do We Think?. Why Do We Hum?. Why Do We Speak?. Why Do We Sing?. Why Do We Take Pictures?. Why Do We Record Life?. Why Do We Smile?. Why Do We Laugh?. What is a Memory?. What is a Time Machine?. What is a City?. What is Dust?. What is Innocence?. What is Promise?. Why Does it All Go So Slow?. Why Does it All Go So Fast?.

I Don’t Understand Anything.

The answers to some of your questions, like the first ones, change as you grow in ability to understand. Questions the last ones can be answered in the textbooks from school.

I have the answer to all of those.


Well i admit I dont understand next to anything you post :thinking::thinking:

What is Change?. What is Growth?.

What if I Never Find Thee Answer?.

What is Understanding?. What is Miscommunication?.

I Don’t Understand Anything.

You don’t have to find the answer, I gave it to you. It’s “because”

The Answer to My Questions is “because”?. What is a Question?. What is an Answer?.

I Don’t Understand Anything.

It’s all and nothing.

Everything is what you make it to be. You are your own answer.


I Am My Own Answer?. What is I?. Who Am I?. When Did it Start?. Will it End?.

I Don’t Understand Anything.

@sleepoptimistic Your post reminded me of this:

What is Good Vibrations?. What is Bad Vibrations?. What is a Vibration?. What is a Sound?. What Hears The Sound?. What is The Body For?. What is The Meaning of All The Senses?.

I Don’t Understand Anything.

Are These Sounds Any Good?.

I Don’t Understand Anything.

You are teasing. You are refusing to think for yourself.

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I only understand forwards, backwards, left, right, up, and down, and inside out lol.

What is Thought When Thinking?. Who Am I When I Am Looking at Myself?. What Happens After I Decide My Fate in Thoughts of Welcome?.

What is Walking Forwards?. What is Sneaking Backwards?. What is Left of Left?. What is Right From Right?. What is Up Buttercup?. What is Down Clown?. What is Inside What Pup?. What is Out of Out Clout?.

I Don’t Understand Anything.

Your post is putting on an air of trolling.

Just read a book. Got so much knowledge at your fingertips with the internet. Learn!