I dont underatand whats happening (mind/environment)

I was diagnosed in september 2016. I battled the diagnosis with things saying it was depression w psychotic symptoms or that it was all drug induced. After being told constantly im sz, i just started believing it.

Now my disability cheque is late (always direct deposit, always on time). I stopped seeing my paych nirse and pdoc and am wondering id that has something to do with it or have they been messing with me this whole time.

Although this goea in another direction completely, lately ive been losing time, not sure if its day or night after a short nap, etc… also lasy time i was in the paych ward, people who seemed to know who i was. I overdosed on benzos and blaned the memory loss on that, but im worried its something else. Like im going past the point of a diagnosis and am just plain insane, cant be helped.

Im on 400mg injection of abilify for 6 months (either 21 or 28 days)

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I hope everything is ok.


It is more than usual…IMO. EDIT: Sorry…I thought you were saying Fluanxol.

Probably too much benzos.

I also hope you will be alright.

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