I don't think I'm ill anymore

Well I Imargined that I could come off of the Qutiapine one day. I’ve watched some antipsyciatry lately on you tube about som people who came of their neuroleptics in their thirties.
I’m 54 years and I realize now that only could gain some months extra life by going of most antipsychotics I take. So well what the heck I’m not going to ask for any adjustments in my neuroleptics because I don’t want to get admitted to the mental ward where I were 3 times the last 11 years.


Id stay away from the benzos thats one thats super hard for people to get off.
Maybe ask your doc for a different ap that you can use as needed if any problems arise.

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Got a supply of seroquel, and hoping to get gabapentin 300mg to be taken for sleep when I attempt to lower the zyprexa.

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