I don't particularly like all these strangers coming to the house

Phil keeps selling lots of items he got cheap, for a larger return,

and he tells them where we live and to come here.

idk, affects my paranoia.


Omg id rollover and die if that happened to me. The pizza delivery guy came to my house by mistake last week about 8pm. I answered the door with a rifle. Then I seen who he was and immediately put it down. @Daze you gotta be careful with people coming to your house. There are some crazy ass mf’s out there.


Cant he meet the buyers at some neutral ground like a parking lot. I’ve done some affairs were we have met outside stores etc.

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I guess this latest guy wants to look at everything Phil has, and maybe make an offer. Phil is still partially disabled, and shouldn’t do a lot of lifting.

I don’t like visitors, @Daze


If the item he is selling isn’t too big, have him meet his customers in a parking lot for a local store.

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the guy that came yesterday ended up being a really nice guy

and Phil took him in Hummy up to Emma Rae’s where Phil has his booth.

He ended up buying Phil’s blue faced receiver.

Phil was talking a mile a minute, the guy stayed over an hour,
he was even going on to on him out in the parking lot,

I had to go out and guide Phil back in the house to let this guy leave.

Anyway, he got a sale, kinda a hard one to part with for him.

if phil is making money from them…why not?

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true, but just knowing where we live and our possessions.

I like to think I live in a safe part of the states, I’ll do what Phil wants.

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I sell a lot of stuff on Craigslist. Even the difficult customers stay away once the sale is done or they decide they don’t want it. I think you’ll be fine.

Sounds like Craigslist sales.

Most of what I had to sell were sealed collector’s edition video games and mint-quality strategy guides, and those I had to sell on Ebay for a wider audience. Did a lot of business selling through Ebay, made like 4 or 5 grand total.

The only thing I’ve ever sold on Craigslist was an extra PS3 controller, unopened.


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