I don't know wth is wrong with me!

I was ok for a while then all of a sudden I feel like ■■■■. I went to work today and told my boss too much social interaction tires me out so i went part time. Now she thinks I hate people. I want to quit my job. She told me to quit if i was not happy. So I so want to. I feel like I’m heading for depression today.

Sorry guys just too exhausted.

How do you know this? It sounds like you’re jumping to conclusions.

It sounds like you’re stressed. How long have you been working part-time? How has it gone while you’ve been working part-time?

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If i was your boss id let you hate people.

As long as you weren’t hurting anyone id let you hate them all that you wanted to.

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Its been a month now but I still feel tired as hell

I’m working 75%. I have a feeling my boss doesn’t like me. But it’s prop paranoid thinking. He is nice…but…I feel like a stranger at work. Don’t talk much to co workers. Or bosses. I just say hello when we meet.

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When i first got sick i switched from part time to full time. I hated it. The only good thing about when i worked full time, i worked third shift so less people but it was a lot more stress since i was expected to put away 6 pallets stacked taller than me and i’m 5’6" full of clothes. I had to sort them and put them away then go to the back and hang clothes. i was fired for freaking out during my job. I’ve become less anti-social because of my cashier job, i can now talk on the phone to people instead of making my partner do it.

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Don’t make any rash decisions while you’re feeling bad. Think it through carefully and calmly before making a decision.