I don't know what to do?

Thank you for your support J, I really appreciate that…thanks :blush:

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Any good news to report for today?

I remember how much I struggled with my co-workers and finding my niche at a hospital where I didn’t know anyone. I was very lucky to get this job as 50 people applied for my position as unit secretary. I don’t do well with downtime, I need to stay busy and due to technology and such I don’t always have alot to do.

My review said, " Twinkit has become indeispensible to our department but she needs to work her full shift, either 3-8’s or 4-6’s." But it is very hard to sit there and just answer the phone once an hour. I am kind of back to leaving when I want with no words from the boss so works good for me. I almost feel like I could get a 9-5 job if I stayed busy enough and it was close to home.


Thanks twinkit :smile: for checking on me again, yesterday was awful, I had a class and it was a surprise class for me, since I didn’t prepare what to give them or even saw the book that they study from, after the first half of the class they went to management asking for their old teacher back…I felt really bad, I can’t remember how was I able to pass the next class that I had after it.
Today I have decided to go and tell the manager that I don’t want to give lessons to big numbered classes because I get distracted by the big number of students, and get some relief, maybe…I wish…I think if it didn’t work then I’m prepared to accept retreat and resign.

So twinkit, do you still work in that job ? how is it ? I had jobs before and they were okay, but this one is hard for me because it’s a teaching job (which is new to me) and my students are so much of beginners who don’t speak my language ! so I can’t make jokes or speak freely because all what I say is going to sound like this: “blah blah blah bleeeh blah blah bleeh…” lol.