I don't know what I want

That’s been said of me. It’s true. Any ideas as to how to uncover what I want. It’s hiding from me.

Maybe meditating or walking in nature might uncover some things.

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Maybe you could bang a few trees with a stick while you’re at it.


I did that and then just wanted to go outside for a smoke.

You have to ask yourself a lot of questions…think about what really matters to you, what things go a long with your values. Even think forward to the last day of your life as it is ending…what would you have wanted to do before your last breath (assuming you could-but this is just for pretend anyway)?
What is something that sparks your interest?
What do you actually like?
What do you actually need?
What could make your life easier?
what could you do to experience something beyond your daily scope of comfort?
Keep pondering…

Well, I only come up with generalities - I want to play and I want to experience.

" i don’t know what i want,
what i really, really want,
i want uh, i want uh " …spice girls words of wisdom !?!
take care