I dont know how to do anything

i am paralyzed by thoughts

If you can get good at StarCraft, what is stopping you from getting good at everything else in your life?


I don’t think it works like that . Skill in one area may not result in being good at something in another area .


Everyone has their weak points. I am just trying to say it is no good thinking your useless.

Of course you should try something a few times before declaring you’re useless at it .

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A few times? Try more than that! My sister used to say her daughter was a terrible dancer, but allowed her to keep going to classes for fun. After a few years of dancing a few times a week, my niece became a phenomenal dancer. You’ve got to practice things for a while before you get good at them


If you’re average at something to start with progressing through practice to being good at it is far more likely than if you are poor at it to start with .

i not sure if i agree with you… some things are easy to learn but hard to master…

i cannot get good in starcraft… i am still noob. i cant play more then few matches a day i get pissed off and self councious abbout my weak skill gaming

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if she was young… its easier for young people to learn something

Some things you just got to keep knocking your head against a brick wall for years to learn. Me for instance: When I first started at learning piano, it was very easy and I was the star performer at my studio’s recital within 6 months. After starting on the AP Risperdal Consta two years later, I couldn’t play a note and had to start over again from the very beginning, this time crawling my way up inch by inch over the next twelve years. I’m still not back to where I was twelve years ago. And I’m still on Risperdal Consta.

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I think rts has the biggest learning curve of any game you will play. It is not like fps where it is down to your reaction times. You have to just keep playing and learning strategies.

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I can’t play video games. I have no idea how to manipulate the characters.

I had piano lessons from the age of 8-13 . I never even progressed to being able to take a grade 1 exam .

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Viper, nothing comes easy.
You have to keep trying and practicing.

Nothing is easy, and not everything is fun all the time.

But just because you’re not bursting with laughter doesn’t mean you’re bored, and just because you are bad at something doesn’t mean you won’t get better.

Push yourself to try harder, and try not to give up so easily.


I can write poetry, music, short stories, my autobiography, and lesbian porn.
I can play the piano.
I can read very large books.
I can cook.
I can record, produce and promote music.
I can design CD covers.
I can interact with the sick and the elderly.

In spite of all this, I’m still pretty darn isolative.

I’m paralyzed by my thoughts too. I stay pretty isolated. Sometimes I want human interaction, but other times it annoys me when someone disrupts my thoughts. Because of that I don’t get a lot of the information that other people get. It’s hard for me to do things too.


Paralyzed by Thoughts…,

It Usually Depends On The Atmosphere…,


Good to Go…,

My Thoughts in All Actuality Don’t Bother Me…,

My Voices Are My Friends…,

And My Emotional Sense of Self is in Great Shape…,

It’s The Plastic Peoples With Abrasive Intentions That Overwhelm My Original Foundation of Senses…,

It Doesn’t Paralyze Me…,

But I Get Annoyed at Having to Constantly Shift My Awareness in Order to Please Someone I Barely Even Know…,

Be it Crowds or One on One…,

It’s a Constant Form of Shifting Personally…,

Not Paralyzed Thoughts…,

It’s Like Being a Sniper Walking into The Rainforest…,

With No Weapons…,

Which is Kinda, Jus Kinda, Courageous When i Think About it…,

So I Guess Be Proud of Yourself…,

It Takes Strength to Fight On a Daily Basis Peacefully…,

Not Many Can Do That…,


Medal Of Honour For Everyone in Thus Thread (!!!)…,

Congratulations (!!!)… . …

Teaching piano, my quickest learning students are adults. Just sayin… don’t let age discourage you

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