I don't have hot water

Something strange happened on Friday and we did not have hot water.

So the maintenance guy came in the afternoon and I am not really skilled in these matters. I was home alone and he went to the garage to check what was the problem with the gas. He came back to me in an hour and told me that there is nothing wrong with the heater itself. There is a blockage on the exhaust. I was like, okay… :thinking:

So now, we can bring someone to check if there is really a blockage on the exhaust because of the ice, but it will cost a lot $$$ and if it is not really from that, the money will go to waste!

End result. We still do not have hot water. My partner is travelling to Vegas tomorrow early morning, I will be alone for 5 days without a shower.

Tuesday I will go to the gym and actually, I decided to shower there. I have never showered in a gym but it is my only choice right now and it is better than going to a friend’s house.

Should be fine I guess, until we figure out what to do.


Is it really cold where you are? Cos a lot of boilers do get this problem when their exhaust freezes up.

Yeah we had so much snow and it is so cold! I am not aware and this is the first time something like this happened.

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Not sure how to fix it though…

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