I don't go far by myself

Just the area I know in the centre of town , close to where I live . Going to another town by myself is out of the question . Poor navigational skills can really restrict you .


has it always been like this?

or sudden onset?

what i think can be very useful in this situation is planning on StreetView

then you can see exactly where you will be walking , the buildings and skylines or landmarks you will encounter

my husband does this for me a lot if i need to get somewhere
I’m a bit thick with a sat nav
rather go with 'turn second left after the postbox"


It was certainly a problem in the early 90s when my wife and I lived on Canvey island . I got lost and people had to come and find me .

GPS app, really helps

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no smart phone
given it up it’s in my face 24/7
it’s had 5 yrs of my life that’s enough

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