I don't feel good

Thanks to a screw up between my pharmacy and my pdoc and myself I was off my mood stabilizer for 5 days. I just got it today and took it but I think i’m already suffering from not having it. I don’t feel good mentally or physically.


I’m sorry you’re not feeling well.

Try to do things that relax you. Maybe music or tv?

You’re going to be okay.

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I hope it is short lived now that you got meds straightened out.

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yeah, I’m not careful enough about checking my meds to make sure the pharmacy doesn’t err. Two of my meds look just alike and it can be scary.

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wow, i hope you feel better soon…what about a hot shower or bath? sorry probably no help.

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hot bath is a good idea I just think I feel crappy enough to be unsafe in the tub, might fall asleep. I’ve been sleeping all day, I don’t know why I’m still tired enough to go back to sleep.

You shouldn’t have to be the one catching mistakes. I’m sorry the pharmacy put you in that position. I hope you can get some rest

I’m not the one suffering, now @FatMama. It’s leaf whose suffering. I’m just saying I try to keep a lookout for mistakes.

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Oops. Was meant for leaf

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