I don’t have schizophrenia?

So about a few months ago I had a psychotic episode without hallucinations or delusions, since then I’ve been pretty lethargic and incapable of doing everyday tasks but lately my negative symptoms have been lessening and I feel a bit better. I’m starting to think I don’t have schizophrenia, I’m really happy about this


Yo my homie do u take medicine…which one…!!!

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I’ve been taking abilify, currently switching to Latuda tho


I also take lexapro, wellbutrin, and atenolol


I don’t know your story but it’s a bit possibility that your meds are working and that is why you aren’t experiencing symptoms anymore.


how it was a psychotic episode without hallucinations or delusions?


I’d stay on the medication and if you really wanted to go I’d consult the prof first. Keep in mind that if you go off and relapse you may end up staying like that (having delusions and hearing voices for the rest of your life).

I originally had drug induced psychosis but refused to accept the diagnosis. Once in a blue moon I would smoke marijuana only to get a bit o a buzz and every time went into relapse. The last time I smoked marijuana I was able to lose the voices but remained paranoia over having voices. 3 years ago I had a relapse drug free and haven’t been able to get rid of internal voices since.

If I could go back I would stay on the medication. I’d rather not have an illness and be on AP then have he illness and take a chance of permanent relapse cause I didn’t want to take an AP.

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