I dk what to do drawing is very hard


I got bored of drawing


I don’t know what to draw


How about a bird of paradise, or a fantasy butterfly? I know what you mean though, sometimes I just can’t write, and writing is what I do best. It really gets to me when the ideas just won’t come.


Draw a naked woman.


Do other fun stuff… polymer clay. Organize nails by sizes.

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how about a self portrait? pixel style!

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Piece of poo wearing a Christmas hat with a big smile on its face.

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draw a naked person


i will chill out not draw for a moment


will not be a proffesional artits its tooo hard


do not give up on your dreams bro, trust me

Van gogh didnt start painting until he was 27 and look how he turned out. Trust me you can do it. just be patient

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That’s nice. Very encouraging. :slightly_smiling_face::hugs:

Wow that’s a fun fact to know.

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I am a hobby writer and i sometimes i write positive things about love, heaven and paradise and what its like in my imagination. Like loveletters. Its enjoyable for the reader. But sometimes i need a creative break.


i cannnnt bei in drawing class and draw how i will achieve

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